Seret Contemporary Fine Art


Transforming Two Dimensions into Three Dimensions by Creating Art from Art

The Shield Series of paintings was carefully selected to have my 2 dimensional painting interpreted into a 3 dimensional sculpture.

I created the “Shield” series for self-protection. The symbol or shape of a shield is represented in the paintings and sculptures all in different variations. There are even shields without borders which mirrors the power of protection that is generated rather than materialized. The Shield protects me from the negative energy that can arise even between those we care about the most. The Shield acts as a filter of strength and the power to know. Essentially, the stream of thought that influenced each of the pieces in this series was to symbolically represent an abstracted shape of a shield, meant to protect and share one’s heart and soul: but only when the time is appropriate and not taking on someone else’s work.


Path of Light

Stainless steel
Powder Coat
Base: Stainless Steel 36" w x 16" d
Sculpture: 38"w x 34"h x 4"d
Painting: 72"w x 52"h

Unwavering Light

Stainless Steel
Powder Coat
Base: 12" d x 24" w
Sculpture: 36”h x 24” w x 6”d
Painting: 42"w x 40"h