Seret Contemporary Fine Art

Cairn Series

CairnA Cairn is a pile of stones created by a human and erected to define a trail or make a memorial. Cairns are found all over the world and have different spiritual meanings and historical purposes. While hiking in Sedona a number of years ago, I came upon a number of these piles of stones and was taken by them. I captured the image in my mind as I commonly do to incorporate in the expressions of my work. I found the Cairns inspired and represented different things to me. First, we are not alone in this world. Someone came before us to create these markers and someone will come after us to alter or creator more of them. Each rock can represent events or stages of our lives. Some are weathered and sharp, some smooth, some big and some small. Creating my own Cairn paintings allows me to imprint my mark in the world as so many that have come before me.