Seret Contemporary Fine Art

Sherri on Balcony with PaintngsMy paintings are an exploration of a subject that is thought-provoking to me. Its origins are often provocative life occurrences. Other times there are visual images or symbols that I read about that generate the inspirations.

I see a symbol as a shortcut to a more detailed thought pattern that I express in colors and shapes. There is a simplicity of geometric shapes that everyone can relate to. These shapes and objects stay with me, call to me and percolate in my imagination. Once internalized, they begin to materialize as the inception of the work and then I fine tune and edit while painting.

I have conditioned myself to experience my life with an eye to future expressions portrayed in my work. These elements become the abstracted themes that are the foundation for my contemporary abstract paintings I start with a simple pencil sketch. It is a launching pad for me and I work on several canvasses simultaneously. I call upon my 26 years of creating to guide my hand to manipulate color, texture and composition. My technique involves layers of glazing and the integration of a variety of materials.

I love what I do. The gift I receive is a connection between myself and another who may or may not necessarily feel or see what I do but has found their own connections and seeks to invite one of my works into their lives.